Friday, December 9, 2011

Champagne Christmas on Beer Budget

 Nothing like making your home festive for family and friends, and there is something great about having deadlines! I wanted to freshen up past years decorating, and use more organics this year.  Our back yard is full of beautiful fresh greens, so I took advantage of what we already had.  I did purchase a couple of things:  Pre-made fresh wreath from Costco for $12.00, and 2 spools of 6"tulle for $8.00 (I had coupons for Hobby Lobby!)  LOVE COUPONS
German Chandelier was made festive by adding fresh balsam green wreath tied on with red ribbon.  1 spool of tulle (6") 300 feet for $4.00  Wreath was $12.00  Above all of the tall bookcases I spread magnolia, and other fresh greens from the trees in out yard.

After researching the cost of simple panel drapes, I decided I needed to dust off the old sewing machine and make our own pinch pleat panels.  I have 4 windows in a large bay area that needed 5 panels to add softness, length, and color to the kitchen.  Found 120" wide fabric in a discount bin at CALICO CORNER for $12/yd.  Because it was so wide, I only needed a few yards.  Pinch pleated them up and hung on a set of black poles that look like wrought iron.  The Burgundy glass ornaments hung with tulle makes the kitchen pop with color.

Used greens from the back yard to make this chandelier have a festive look.  Added more of that red tulle, stuck in some magnolia leaves, and strung more glass ornaments ( we already had them)  Cost was about 50 cents of Tulle.

I just Love COUPONS from JoAnn ETC.  I found these 2 wreaths that were already on sale, and had a 20% off total purchase.  Again...the tulle.  The wreaths have red berries on them and "weathered" metal stars.

Dressing up the end of the bannister in the front foyer.  What a great way to say WELCOME to our guests.  Lots of magnolia, greens, a few red berries, and bow from my mailbox from last year.  Used paddle wire to make it stay put.  Recycled everything, fresh greens from out yard.  Cost... ZERO.